*Walk in sunshine, Float under the moonlight, Dance across the milky way...*(km©️)

Live your life to the fullest...go where the skies are the bluest! (km©️)

Rock and a Hard night with the Princess of Rock

In da mix...in da mix...with Melody Fox d(*_*)b LPM 💙☮️🎵 (2010/2011)

A little bit about me, Melody Fox😎 (aka the Princess of Rock) from Washington D.C.

One of the reasons for opening this site, is to get some feedback, on work, both as DJ, around the universe, and also as a Journalist.  I am a radio personality too, also on Web radio.😎 Studios with voice over requests can hire me:  I've got a beautiful, sexy voice...I do voice over and voice acting.  I have a young adult voice, but I can also mimick a little girl's voice, for fun talk... Also jingles and/or advertising for Recording Studios, or other businesses, all online. More info under the section *Bookings*...

You will find the details to contact me, on my site; however, here they are:  melodyfoxdj@melodyfoxdjandjournalist.com  



American mother tongue, I also speak Italian, French, and a little bit of Spanish.

The Music I spin in clubs and/or elegant places, is Rock and Contaminations, contaminations being Electronic, Elektro House, Chillout, Tango, Oriental, and more, depending on my inspiration of the moment.

I am an expert in Music:   Rock, Pop, and Jazz, have interviewed many artists around the universe, and have written on many newspapers, magazines, blogs.  I write poems, mostly in rimes, and am trying to write a book (a never ending story, considering that I started writing a long time ago, the file was lost by one of my webmasters three years ago, and I started writing again recently...)

VERY IMPORTANT:  For those of YOU reading this, who are NOT English mother tongue,  and wish to improve the language (and/or not forget what you know), I also have business classes in English, or regular conversation classes, all on SKYPE.

I am also available to write for others, including writeups on their blogs (both in English and in Italian). 

I own two blogs:  melodyfoxdj.blogspot.com  www.inpeaceandunity.wordpress.com


Trouble on planet earth.🌍🌎🌏 with the disease of the century and this terrible political situation in my country🇺🇸💙🗽💙🇺🇸 ...alas...


In the meantime (note added Nov. 25, 2021/Thanksgiving Thursday) the political situation has changed, and things have moved on...

Stay safe everyone!

NOTE added 2022.10.22/Sat. Nothing has come up here...I am spending money for nothing with this site.  Not even a gig! 

Fan made video~2010 circa~Thank you Bing! 🐸💚/Alsace, France/Just for Fun!

Melody Fox😎 (aka the Princess of Rock) from Washington D.C., Special Guest with vinyls on the spin...
IMPORTANT NOTICE: for YouTube patrollers or whomever...NO INFRINGEMENT intended: the Music is not mine and belongs to its rightful owners, Lenny Kravitz and the Recording label...

Elephants are my favorite *guyz*...🐘🐘🐘💙🐘💙🐘🐘🐘 (I borrowed this image from Google: not mine)

Melody Fox, Special Guest (all pics here taken by professional photographer)

2008 circa (all vinyls night)

Melody Fox 😎 (aka the Princess of Rock) Special Guest

Elektro House in motion: an all vinyl night (two turntables/two cdjs) mixed/scratching/effects, by Melody Fox😎, Special Guest (2011)
Disclaimer notice: no infringement intended! The Music belongs to its rightful owners and it's not mine (I buy all the Music and use it for my spinning nights).

Behind the DJ booth (Rock and Contaminations) ~~image from 2008 (Fan taken pic)

IMAGINE, by John Lennon...💙(By far, my favorite track of all time--a poem, a message, Love) LPM💙☮️🎵

A poem: a tribute to Life, Love, People, the universe (and outer space), Peace, and it will stand thru the gates of time, forever...I'm moved every time I listen to it and am saddened by John's death (Mike Chapman you killed a Poet! remember though, you'll never be able to kill his memory! 💙☮️🎵

Some of my quotes🤭:

*  May you walk in sunshine...

*  Smiles across the roaming miles...

*  Live your life to the fullest, go where the skies are the bluest...

*  What makes me happy? seeing other people happy, and helping them in       the process... :* :D

*  A good action a day (even more! 😘) keeps happy~ness in your way...

*  May you walk in sunshine🌞, dance in the moonlight🌜🌛,dream under the stars🌠🌉 ...




This James Dean poster is in a museum...I took picture of that poster...

Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence (EP)

One of my favorite groups, and this is one of my favorite mixes too...
(Disclaimer notice: the Music is not mine and belongs to its rightful owners)

Some of my DJ wanderings

around the universe...(note: all pictures without me in them have been taken by me...