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Live your life to the fullest...go where the skies are the bluest! (km©️)

Peace Alien... (end May 2014: photo credits The Boss)

World's Victims in New York...

World's Victims'' in New York

While preparing Song List for my radio show on Fri., Sept. 14, 2001 (1st three were: Bryan Ferry's “Amazing Grace”, Culture Beat’s “Serenity” and The Cranberries “Will You Remember”), I was inspired to write following...

For the “World's Victims” in New York ...

(this is not just America ... not just Americans...)

For both the “Departed” and Those left "Behind" by Melody Fox©

Nobody knows why this had to be,

All those lives ending in tragedy,

Blue skies turning into bloody red,

Only silent screams in your head,

Why did this have to be...

What terrible sights we have come to see,

You were looking into your future with signs of happiness,

Now there are only blank sounds of emptiness,

This world unfurling so many amazing beautiful things,

We are in shock as it also gives us these fatal scenes...

Why can't everything be violence free,

Why does this inhumanity have to be...

Love and Peace are the only things that Everyone should see...

Us... Them... You... Me...


written midnight:30 of Sept. 13, 2001, 2 days after attack on World Trade Center (Thurs. night)- km©




Sometime in 2016...😎the Princess of Rock being serious...sort of! Lol 😂LPM💙☮🎵

Some of my Poems (work in progress...)

Notes:  the site is new so there are no poems yet, only because I need time to publish them here.  Right now (time of writing end November 2021) I need to put site out so that I can get some work...🤪)



A poem for a stranger...

Life seems to have been a little harsh on you,

For that I am sorry,

But, you shouldn't worry,

For there is always a turn of cards!

Sooner or later, things will get better...

(to be continued...)

I never did continue:  I don't even remember who I was dedicating this

to, even if a total stranger...(today 2021.11.27/Sat.Thanksgiving weekend)

There's something wrong here...(2019.8.25/Sun.)  I thought I added a page with my poems, etc., but it's not like that...(must contact SimpleSite peepz and see how they can help or, at the time of writing, Thanksgiving 2021, will just figure it out myself 😀)