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Special Guest for an international web radio... end December 2018

Around the clock 24/7

This is not a store...🙃

If you need a DJ😎 (both clubs and/or radio), voice over/voice actor, a blogger, a ghost writer, Journalist, well...catch me if you can! Recording studios use my voice too, for their ads, promos, and also for jingles. Voice/audio Projects are sent to me online, and I record from my little home studio. All work is done online, except clubs, of course...😉  If you're reading this and need my services, please contact me. (Besides my mother tongue, I speak Italian and French).

If you are not English mother tongue and wish to improve and/or not forget what you know, I also have business classes in English, or regular conversation classes, on SKYPE...





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Dear guests/visitors/potential customers, please get in touch with me by filling out form and/or writing to following @s of your choice. 

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